Reducing the consumption of resources such as energy, water or the waste we generate is essential in order to become increasingly sustainable. For this reason, for several years we have been comprehensively controlling all the waste we generate and our consumption levels. As a result, we have introduced multiple improvement mechanisms to continue making progress along these lines.


The El Balís Yacht Club’s Management is committed to the protection and conservation of the environment and to the quality of service offered to its users. That’s why it has implemented an Integrated Management System (environmental and quality) in accordance with the ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 international standards, to guide the club’s management according to the values of this policy.

The El Balís Yacht Club’s management system is applied to its management activities of the yacht club’s services: mooring reservations, sports and social activities, petrol service station and management of concessions –retail spaces, restaurants and the dry dock services.


ISO 9001


The ISO 9001 Quality System provides the Club and its services with ongoing developments in their daily management work through a process of continuous improvement.

ISO 14001


The ISO 14001 Environmental Management certificate is based on the conservation of the environment, the marine environment and proper vigilance in waste disposal.


The BIOSPHERE seal recognizes entities whose management is committed to being respectful of climate change, the environment, culture and social and economic return on investment.


  • Save the water we supply you with, use the so-called guns to automatically stop the flow of water. Water is a scarce commodity and we have to prevent it from being wasted.
  • Save electricity. Do not leave your boat's air conditioning or heaters running when you are away. In addition to skyrocketing your costs, their excessive consumption forces power plants to increase the use of fossil fuels with the consequent increase in environmental pollution
  • If you decide to varnish the railings or capping rails, do so only when the boat is in the dry dock. Doing so while the boat is in the water is not allowed since it will pollute the port's water and will bother your neighbours
  • When cleaning your boat, the detergents you use must be biodegradable
  • Do not throw oil residues, solvents, varnishes or fuel residues into the sea or port. You must take them to the perfectly differentiated oil and grey water collection points for them to be disposed of correctly
  • Immediately inform Management or the marina staff in case of an accidental fuel spillage inside the port
  • Both in the port and at anchor, avoid generating noise and environmental pollution, so that your exhausts do not contaminate the area around them
  • Use your toilets exclusively at sea, in the port use the Club's showers and services


The port has containers for the selective collection of waste located throughout its facilities. Here you can find where each one is placed:

  • Oils, filters and containers contaminated by hydrocarbons and batteries: in front of the Blue Warehouse - Central Control.
  • Cardboard, paper, glass: next to the motorboat entrance, and in front of the Island next to the Social Building.
  • Organic waste: at the entrance to the dry dock, in front of the Island next to the Social Building, and in front of the Blue Warehouse - Central Control.

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