The El Balís Yacht Club’s sailing school is recognized by the official Catalan Sailing School. It offers a wide range of activities that provide students with everything they need to know to learn how to sail.

Equipped with modern facilities, the school has:

  • Several classrooms to teach theory classes.

  • A large esplanade where the boats are located.

  • The life jacket booth, the crane for inflatable boats and the equipment room are located on the esplanade, which ends at the wooden ramp where the boats are launched into the water.

  • Changing room area (equipped with sinks and showers), a long row of lockers allows sailors to store their belongings while out on the water.

The instructors, certified by the Catalan Sailing Federation, follow the principles of professionalism, safety and its mission to promote a love of sailing. Each instructor has various activities assigned to them according to their abilities and the characteristics of the group.

Ground control is connected with the school’s instructors at all times through the radio that each of them carries with them.

The life jackets, the periodic inspection of the boats and their proper functioning are the main safety components for all the participants, which allows us to offer fun activities with a guaranteed high level of safety.



The non-competitive recreational aspect of sailing is always present at our school. In fact, all our introductory courses are meant to be taken for fun, both for children and for adults.

Adults (+18 years old)

Sailing courses suitable for all levels and ages.

Even if you have never sailed a dinghy or have only done two laps aboard a friend’s sailing yacht, many adults are looking for different sensations, from relaxing outings to the most extreme types of sailing.

The objective of the introduction to sailing course for adults is to acquire the basic sailing techniques and maneuvers, learn to position yourself with respect to the wind and be able to skipper a small sailing boat. In the subsequent courses, you will learn to sail with a spinnaker, to use the trapeze and you will participate in the first Open dinghy sailing regattas, in order to perfect your sailing technique with the most varied wind conditions.

The boats used are the Gamba, 420, Omega, Feva and Laser, depending on the level of each participant.

Children's Sailing – from 7 to 15 years old

The objective of these courses is for participants to get an introduction to sailing or improve their skills in a progressive way, while having fun and enjoying the learning process. Promoting awareness and respect for the ocean and the natural environment is also an important part, in addition to acquiring several basic safety rules when at sea.

Explanatory sessions on land and practical hands-on training out at sea are carried out in each class.

The instructor/student ratio is one instructor for every 7/8 students, depending on their level and age. The boats used are the Gamba, Europi, Optimist and Feva depending on the level of the participants.

Once the Catalan Sailing Federation’s orange level has been achieved, there is the option to join the club’s regatta team (see Sports Area sections).

Junior Sailing – from 15 to 18 years old

The junior dinghy sailing courses give our teenagers the chance to participate in a physical activity outdoors on the weekends.

The introductory course is done with the Gamba and/or DAM boat, depending on the student’s progress. Once they begin to perfect their skills, students sail an Omega, 420, Feva or Laser, accompanied by an instructor in an inflatable boat.

The junior dinghy sailing course is, on many occasions, the first step before moving on to the Laser, 29er or 420 regatta fleet since, within the course, students get to participate in Open regattas.

If the student proves to have the necessary skills and interest in order to move up to this fleet, the school offers them one of its own boats so they can access this new level without having to purchase one.


Windsurfing allows the participant to enjoy the experience while being in contact with the sea. The objective of the course is to ignite a passion for windsurfing and sailing. It’s all about having fun while learning and perfecting your surfing practices.

Activity recommended for ages 8 and up.

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