The El Balís Yacht Club is an entity committed to social and economic development. That’s why we are so aware of the importance of maintaining strong ties with the business community, providing all companies that are interested with the opportunity to establish collaboration agreements.

With this idea in mind, the Club makes different types of sponsorship and advertising agreements available to companies. We offer multiple spaces and events so that our collaborators can generate an impact and obtain a profitable return in the short and long term.

In addition, our collaborators will be associating their name with a brand that is known for attributes such as prestige, solvency, sportsmanship, passion for the sea, sustainability and a strong family component.

The El Balís Yacht Club was founded in 1966 and has 3,300 members. It is a leading club in the world of sailing, organising several regattas every year, and it has top-level racing teams.

Port Balís has 760 moorings with lengths between 8 m and 30 m, and an extensive selection of interesting restaurants that attract many visitors.

All kinds of events are organised throughout the year, as well as regattas, gastronomic fairs, markets, musical evenings or social events, which can be the perfect showcase for your brand.

We have the following options to position your brand and improve its visibility.


  • Billboards or signs in spaces located in the port
  • Logo on parking tickets
  • Banners

And more!


  • Diffusion on social media
  • Banners or news in periodic mailings
  • Mentions of the sponsor in press releases (linked to an event)
  • Carousel of sponsor images on audiovisual media

And more!


  • Of the sailing school
  • Of the rowing school
  • Of the racing fleets
  • Of the fitness activities
  • Of the social events
  • Of the El Balís Water Sports nautical base
  • Of the events that take place in the port (Fira Port Balís, Nits d’estiu, gastronomic fair…)


  • Tent in exhibition area
  • Billboards, photocalls, banner…
  • Logo on the event equipment
  • Welcome packs and promotional kits

And more!

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