Committed and respectful with the environment

The marine environment where our daily activities are carried out is particularly sensitive to the actions of its users. The protection of this environment has to be the main axis of our action.

In recent years both sailboats and motorboats sailing along the coast which are based on our port have considerably increased. The risk of pollution has increased in proportion to the dramatic increase in sailing amateurs.

Our Sports Club is sensitized since many years ago with the current environmental issues and has been involved in the short term, with departments of the Catalan Government related to such issue, in setting up a plan whose ultimate purpose is the environmental protection of our port and its environment, adjusting to the ISO 14001 and EMAS.

ISO Certifications


The Club Náutico El Balis has obtained through the SGS, the ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications.

The ISO 9001 quality system provides the Club and its services a steady development in their daily work management through a process of continuous improvement.

The certification of Environmental Management ISO 14001, which has a broad framework for recognition in all business and administrative areas, is based on a horizon of voluntary action of environmental conservation measures and compilation, as well as aspects of energy saving, conservation of the marine environment and adequate monitoring in the elimination of waste. Altogether with the focus on laying the foundations for a continuous improvement in daily actions and in reducing environmental risks.

These certifications along with the obtaining of the Blue Flag have meant a source of pride for the Club, which is aware that these awards will clearly benefit all members.

Blue flag

The Club Náutico El Balís has received this year, once again, the blue flag that recognizes the neatness, security, natural environment and respect it shows towards the seabed, by the Association of Environmental Education and of the Consumer (ADEAC).
The badge once again shows how hard the Club works to take care of the facilities and the environment.

The badge of Blue Flags is awarded by an international court of the FEE (Environmental Education Foundation), with the collaboration of the ADEAC (Association of Environmental Education and of the Consumer).

The award the CN El Balís has been distinguished with is an acknowledgment of international scope.


These basic rules can guide you in your daily actions for a perfectly ecological navigation.

  • Save the water we supply, use the so-called guns to automatically interrupt the flow of water. It is a scarce commodity and we have to avoid its waste.
  • Safe electricity, do not leave the air conditioning or heaters of your boat running when you are away. Excessive consumption, in addition to triggering costs, forces power plants to increase the use of fossil fuels with the consequent increase in environmental pollution.
  • If you decide to varnish rails or gunnels covers, do it during the annual storage. It is not allowed to do it with the boat on the water as it would pollute the port waters with its flakes and annoy your neighbours.
  • When cleaning your boat, the detergents you use should be biodegradable.
  • Comply with the current regulations on the discharge of gray waters from your boat:
    1. More than 4 miles: if you treat them chemically.
    2. Between 4 and 12 miles: if gray waters are analysed and disinfected.
    3. More than 12 miles: in any condition.
    4. In the port and up to 4 miles from the coast: it is absolutely forbidden.
  • In the sea or in the port do not throw waste oils, solvents, varnishes or fuel residues. They must be delivered for removal, perfectly differentiated, at the collection points of oils and gray water.
  • Report immediately to the Management board or the seamen in case of involuntary dumping of fuel inside the port.
  • Either moored in port or in anchorage avoid the acoustic and environmental pollution so that your leaks do not pollute the space surrounding it.
  • Use your WC exclusively in the sea; while in port always use the showers and services of the Club.


puntoverde_espThe port has arranged throughout its facilities, containers for the selective collection of waste. Here you will find the situation of each of them:

  • Oils, Filters and containers contaminated by hydrocarbons and batteries: in front of the blue hangar – Central Control.
  • Cartridge, Paper, Glass: next to the entrance of the yacht club. And in front of the Island next to the Social Building.
  • Organic matter: at the entrance of the yacht club, in front of the Island next to the Social Building. And in front of the blue hangar – Central Control.



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